Myles & Katharine

“I’ll shout it out from the housetops!” she announces between forkfuls of organic greens. “Jesus is my Lord and Savior!”

Oy vey! What have I gotten myself into? Here is the most beautiful girl I have ever been near, but she’s a Christian, whatever that is. Still, those bright eyes, that perfect complexion, tanned olive by the summer sun, and her genuine sweetness are disarming. No! I couldn’t let myself fall for a committed, cross-waving Christian. My grandmother would roll over in her grave—surely an uncomfortable turn of events in the congested Long Island cemetery where we laid her to rest.

“Do you even know who Jesus is?” she asks.

It all started with a simple conversation and has turned into a beautiful marriage representing Yeshua, unity, and peace. Myles and Katharine Weiss have been in ministry for over 30 years, while Myles has been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for nearly that long. After serving in India, Africa, and Russia, they were called to proclaim the relationship between Israel and world revival. Today, they serve as the pastors of Jewish Ministries at The Father’s House (tfh.org) and lead the Messianic gathering House of Peace/Beth Shalom (mkhop.org). For six years they hosted Zola Levitt Presents, a television program broadcast weekly around the world. They periodically lead tours to Israel and have presented marriage enrichment seminars from Hawaii to Siberia. Their message is one of hope and fulfilled destiny for individuals, couples, the Jewish people, Arabs, and the nations of the world.


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Myles & Katharine on CTN

Myles & Katharine Weiss discuss their new book, When Heaven Hits Home, with Herman Bailey and Sharron Bailey on Christian Television Network.

Myles and Katharine Interview at NRB 19 | Upliftv

Lee Benton from Uplift TV sits down with Myles and Katharine Weiss to discuss their heart for the Jewish people and the restoration of marriages. They talk about When Heaven Hits Home and the one thing that helps all relationships, the practice of good speech.

Getting to Know You

KGLE AM 590 radio program hosted by Justin Vander Veur

Myles and Katharine Weiss discuss their new book, When Heaven Hits Home – Ancient Wisdom for Today’s Couples. Sharing their story of blending two vastly different backgrounds and building a successful 30-year marriage, Myles and Katharine offer ancient truth, psychological research and practical techniques couples can try at home. When Heaven Hits Home paints the bigger picture of what God is doing on Earth to restore the foundation of marriage.

Julie Hamilton

Life Builders Podcast with Julie Hamiltion

Myles & Katharine Weiss come from the most different backgrounds you could imagine: a New York Jew and a California Christian girl. But somehow they overcame their differences, merged their lives beautifully and have been married for over 33 years. In their new book When Heaven Hits Home: Ancient Wisdom for Today’s Couples, they share wisdom for joining two lives into one with all the expertise you would expect from 27 years of being a Marriage & Family Therapist.


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